We use one of the most reliable secure payment systems available on the Internet: the SSL protocol. (For more information visit All of your personal details are protected and encrypted before they are sent for processing.

What is SSL?

Recent developments in browser/server technology have made it easy for people to use Web services without worrying about electronic fraud. One example is Secure Sockets Layer (SSL). Developed by Netscape this security protocol has been submitted to the Internet Engineering Task Force (IETF) as an Internet-Drafts. Basically, this protocol allows the browser and server ends of a Web session to authenticate one another and secure information that subsequently flows between them. Through the use of cryptographic techniques such as encryption and digital signature, this protocol:

  • Allows Web browsers and servers to authenticate each other;
  • Permits Web site owners to control access to particular servers, directories, files or services;
  • Allows sensitive information (e.g., credit card numbers) to be shared between browser and server, yet remain inaccessible to third parties; and
  • Ensures that data exchanged between browser and server cannot be corrupted - accidentally or deliberately - without detection.

How could you know if the page is secured?

There are two ways that you can check that the pages are protected:

  • 1)

    A secured page will display an icon similar to the onesshown below at the bottom of your screen:
  • 2)

    If there is no icon you could check if there is a security certificate for this page. Proceed to the following steps:
    • Click on the right mouse button
    • Click on property.
    • Click on certificate, if certificate information like the example shown appears, this means the web page is secured.